Ben Chevallereau

Software Architect / Manager @ Armedia

ECM Software Architect for Armedia LLC with a big experience on Alfresco and Ephesoft projects. Design and implement small to big ECM projects with integration with third-party tools. Participation to the open source community on different projects.

Session: Alfresco & Blockchain

* Our talk will explain how often Alfresco needs to be integrated with other technical components. When Alfresco is used as a document storage solution, it needs quite often to push information to third-party components and to receive information as well. To achieve this goal, Alfresco needs to use some proprietary APIs or implement some custom webscripts to allow external components to push information into Alfresco. This approach works very well but presents some inconvenience.

* Then, we’ll very briefly explain what’s a blockchain and what is a smart contract. And explain how it could be used at a very high level to simplify those interactions.

* We’ll follow up with a specific use case that we implemented. The use case is a quite standard use case for an Alfresco project: invoice processing. We’ll explain what we want to achieve by integrating Alfresco and an Account Payable (AP) system using the blockchain.

* Finally, we’ll do the technical demonstration based on the following implementation.

*We’ll open this simple use case to a more complex one based on Alfresco & ArkCase. We’ll conclude by the advantages and disadvantages of using the blockchain. And of course, we’ll keep time for some questions.

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