DevCon brings together some of the Alfresco community's most experienced speakers from all over the world.

John Newton

Chief Technology Officer


CTO and Chairman of Alfresco, John has spent the last 25 years building information management software. In 1990, he cofounded...

John Powell

Chief Executive Officer


John is President and CEO of Alfresco and has 25 years of enterprise software sales and operations experience. Prior to Alfresco, John...

Jeff Potts

Chief Community Officer


Jeff Potts, Chief Community Officer, has been a recognized and award-winning leader in the Alfresco community for several years. He has...

Aingaran Pillai Founder and CEO, Zaizi

Aingaran Pillai is the Founder and CEO of Zaizi, an Alfresco Platinum partner and Alfresco Partner of the Year for 2012. Having worked with Alfresco back in 2006, he liked the technology so much he started Zaizi to work on many more Alfresco implementations. Since then he has built Zaizi to be one of the top Alfresco partners worldwide with offices in London, Spain, South Africa and Sri Lanka. He also provides thought leadership in the field of open source development and has been invited to speak at a number of international conferences. Aingaran is also an active member of the Alfresco Community. He has won an Alfresco Chumby Award and has the highest number of points in the Alfresco Forums outside of Alfresco. Zaizi also sponsor and host the Alfresco London Meetup. He is also an Alfresco Certified Engineer and Administrator.

Alex Miller Senior Engineer, Alfresco

Alex has 15 years experience developing high performance web applications. He joined Alfresco in the summer of 2012 and is working on the cloud product offering. Alex has a Masters of Engineering in Information Engineering, from the University of Southampton.

Andy Hunt Sustaining Support Engineer, Alfresco

Support engineer in the Sustaining Support team, I've been with Alfresco for four years.

Axel Faust Senior IT Consultant/IT Architect, Prodyna

As the lead Alfresco architect of PRODYNA, Axel Faust has been involved in a majority of Alfresco projects this integration partner has implemented. Content-centric business processes are at the heart of a significant number of resulting Alfresco applications. Developing and evolving non-trivial processes as well as maintaining 3rd-party-built workflows provided first-hand and in-depth experience of the complexities and potential pitfalls associated with this aspect of Alfresco customization.

Charlie Halford Developer, Ixxus

Charlie Halford is a senior Java at Ixxus: global systems integrator, Alfresco Platinum Partner and member of the Alfresco Million $ Club. Since starting working with Alfresco, he has helped in the implementation of a number of complex projects (including some with hefty search requirements), and gained experience using Alfresco in many diverse architectures. Most recently, work with Amazon Web Services has given him valuable insight into the dos and don'ts of Alfresco deployment across EC2, EBS and other Amazon services. Charlie’s other technology interests include SOA design and implementation, APM tools (such as New Relic), build/deployment tools (Maven, Jenkins, Sonar), and more recently cloud technologies (AWS, Heroku, Juju).

Dan Tuffery Senior Engineer, Ixxus

Dan Tuffery is a senior developer at Ixxus: global systems integrator, Alfresco Platinum Partner and member of the Alfresco Million $ Club. He has been working on Alfresco solutions for a number of years, and is a certified Alfresco and Solr developer. After working with Solr for a couple of years and familiarising himself with its benefits, Dan has recently developed code which successfully integrates the faceted search capabilities of Solr with Alfresco 4.

Dave Draper UI Engineer, Alfresco

Dave Draper has worked for Alfresco since August 2010 as a UI Engineer where he has worked on the Share interface for Alfresco Team, Alfresco 4.0 and Alfresco Cloud as well as working on the Spring Surf framework for which he has written the Share extensibility capabilities which were introduced in Alfresco 4.0. Before joining Alfresco he worked in software development at IBM for over 10 years.

Dave Giordano Founder and President, Technology Services Group (TSG)

Dave Giordano is the founder and president of Technology Services Group (TSG), a premier Alfresco consulting partner. Prior to founding TSG in 1996, Dave was a senior manager with Accenture responsible for multiple ECM vendor relationships. TSG was founded with the mission to provide deep content management resources and software across multiple industries. TSG has been a premier Alfresco partner for 6 years and has been an active participant in all beta and early adopter programs. Dave continues to be heavily involved in many active clients and well as all R&D efforts. Dave’s client relationships have helped him gain a deep understanding of content management needs in regulated industries including life sciences, nuclear utilities and manufacturing. Dave’s experience with multiple regulated clients led to the development of the Active Wizard, and open source dynamic form and workflow tool available for Alfresco or Documentum. Active Wizard is currently being used at over thirty clients to manage form and workflow for everything from pharmaceutical and nuclear utility change request to 401K and corporate forms.

David Gildeh Director of Alfresco Cloud, Alfresco

David Gildeh is Director of Cloud Services at Alfresco in charge of launching Alfresco's new Cloud service. Previously David was Founder & CEO of Cloud Collaboration start-up SambaStream, before it was acquired by Alfresco in 2011. He has extensive experience in launching Enterprise & Cloud services, and is passionate about building collaboration tools users actually use to do great work together online.

David Webster UI Engineer, Alfresco

I've been a User Interface Engineer for a decade; self-taught & with a genuine passion for client side coding, I rode the JavaScript wave all the way into Alfresco HQ in April 2010 and haven't looked back since. I spend my days getting my hands dirty with Share's JavaScript internals and continue to be excited by the features we release.

Dimy Jeannot ECM Architect, Armedia

Dimy Jeannot is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Architect at Armedia, where he builds complex solutions that help businesses and government agencies reduce their carbon footprint, preserve American history, mobilize their workforces, slash the costs of health care, and maintain national security. He is an enterprise open source fanatic and just successfully finished ToughMudder. Although a bits and bytes developer, he sees the glare of technology through the lens of sustainable competitive advantage. He has found a knack for balancing IT¹s enterprise architecture needs, the development team¹s continuous delivery pressures and the strategic objectives of executives.

Erik Winlöf Engineer, Alfresco

Erik Winlöf has been an engineer for 12 years and a part of Alfresco's UI Team since 4 years. He has worked on Alfresco Share, Alfresco Cloud, Records Management, Activiti and also in creating the extensibility patterns for Surf used by Alfresco Share 4.0.

Ezequiel Foncubierta Chief Architect, Zaizi

Ezequiel Foncubierta is the Chief Architect of Zaizi, an Alfresco Platinum Partner and Alfresco Partner Integrator of the year 2012. He has been working with Alfresco since 2007 and has been leading some of the biggest and successful Alfresco projects for Finance, Insurance, Government and Trading companies in Spain and the UK. He got certified in Alfresco DevCon 2011. Ezequiel does magic with technologies for innovating the ECM world with Big Data, Semantic Web, Linked Data and Machine Learning. The future of Content Management is coming and Zazi is already taking advantage of it. Don't lose the opportunity to catch up with him.

Florian Maul Senior Consultant, fme

Florian Maul is Senior Consultant at fme AG and developer of the Javascript Console extension. He has implemented ECM solutions based on Alfresco for customers for several years and gained recognition in the Alfresco community when he won the 2011 Alfresco Dashlet Challenge and was named "Community Hero". Since 2012 he is also an Alfresco Certified Engineer and Alfresco Certified Administrator.

Fran Alvarez Zaizi Iberia Director, Zaizi

Fran Alvarez is the Director of Zaizi Iberia based in Seville, Spain and is responsible for the Spanish and Portuguese market. Zaizi Iberia under Fran's Alfresco expertise and leadership was fundamental in the growth of Zaizi into an Alfresco Platinum partner and winning Alfresco's Partner of the Year 2012. He has been working with Alfresco since 2007 and has implemented a number of large Alfresco implementations in Spain. Fran and his excellent team in Zaizi Iberia have developed some great extensions to Alfresco which they continue to demonstrate in the Alfresco Meetups they host. He is an Alfresco Certified Engineer.

Gabriele Columbro Principal Architect, Consulting Services, Alfresco

Gabriele Columbro is Principal Architect for Alfresco Consulting Services, where he engages with strategic Alfresco customers to deploy successful large scale ECM deployments. When not working with customers, he cooperates with Alfresco Engineering benchmarking the product to improve its scalability and on the Maven SDK to enable standardization of the Alfresco Development Ecosystem. He brings to the table almost 5+ years of Alfresco experience, first as an Alfresco Partner and then as an Alfrescan, and a wealth of open source experience, gained by the active contribution to communities and projects, like Apache Chemistry and Maven.

Gary Cox Senior Consultant, Blue Fish

A 1991 Rice University graduate, Gary Cox is a Senior Consultant at Blue Fish Development Group, where he helps clients take control of their content management issues and makes their data easier to manage, track and retrieve. Gary has over 10 years of experience solving complex Enterprise software problems. On a daily basis, Gary works on multiple projects, providing solutions to Fortune 500, Global 2000, mid-market and fast growing companies’ most complex content management problems. Like everyone in the pond at Blue Fish, Gary has some cool hobbies outside of work. He is passionate about learning new things and picks up a new hobby every 18 months. Gary loves to trail run, amazing everyone at Blue Fish with his enthusiasm for events like Tough Mudder and the Warrior Dash. Playing guitar is another hobby; currently, he is building his own tube amplifier for his guitar. Gary also has a great interest in robotics. If he won the lottery tomorrow, he would love to spend time teaching kids about robotics, computers and electronics, having loved teaching kids about Lego Mindstorms in the past.

Gethin James Senior Software Engineer, Alfresco

Gethin has been architecting and developing international Web applications for most of the past 15 years. He survived the dot-com boom and, prior to joining Alfresco, spent 10 years as a consultant for blue-chip companies. As a member of the Platform & Integrations team Gethin has been heavily involved in the Public API development. He has also worked on the platform tooling and module management. Gethin is a member of the London Groovy & Grails user group.

Graeme Seaton Senior Architect, Ixxus

Graeme Seaton is a senior architect at Ixxus: global systems integrator, Alfresco Platinum Partner and member of the Alfresco Million $ Club. He has a long history of consultancy and development, having held senior roles at high-profile companies such as and Oracle. Graeme brings a long-term passion for Content and Search architecture as well as recent experience working with Big Data, and has a wide technological base including Alfresco, Hadoop, Mahout, Solr/Lucene and Marklogic. He holds regular Information Management meetups in London.

Ian Norton Senior Web Architect, Alfresco

Ian has been working in Content Management since graduating in 2004, initially building bespoke tools for a small dotcom startup, he quickly moved on to delivering solutions from OpenText before seeing the bright shining light of Open Source and finding a new love for life using Alfresco and Drupal. Ian has spent most of his recent time working on the Drupal CMIS integration which is used on, he maintains the CMIS Views module on and has also been working on making the Drupal CMIS API better to use in Drupal 7. In his spare time Ian enjoys discussing technology the web and content management over good ale and a pie.

Jan Vonka Engineer, Alfresco

Jan Vonka has 20+ years experience as a senior dev lead and manager. He has been a member of Alfresco's Core Repository team for 5+ years, designing & building content repository APIs and services that support a variety of app areas; including ECM, Social Collaboration, WCM and RM. Most recently he has helped to architect and develop Alfresco's new cloud services (multi-tenant SaaS) including two-way hybrid sync with Alfresco Enterprise. Jan has previously worked at Oracle (both in the UK and US) developing tools, collaboration and CRM products. He has also worked at 3UK and Ericsson Services, as well as a number of start-ups such as Corio (now IBM) and Applied Psychology Research / Smartlogik, delivering enterprise products and online services. Jan has a First-Class BSc / MEng (Hons) in Software Engineering from Imperial College. He has previously presented at DevCon on "Alfresco Content Modelling and Behaviours".

Jared Ottley Integration Engineer, Alfresco

Jared Ottley has been with Alfresco for over 5 years. He has worked as an Solutions Engineer, a Consultant and now the Integrations Engineering team. He has helped Alfresco customers with small departmental, enterprise and OEM implementations in the Americas, Australia and Japan. He has released or contributed to a dozen Alfresco Add-ons. He blogs about Alfresco at

Jay Mandel Leader of Global Digital Marketing, MasterCard WorldWide

Jay Mandel is Leader of Global Digital Marketing at MasterCard Worldwide, where he is responsible for digital strategies and end-to-end management of global B2B digital platforms and campaigns to improve business productivity, drive sales, and increase brand perception. Jay has over eleven years of industry experience, and earned an MS degree in Strategic Communications from Columbia University and a BS degree in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Information Management and Technology from Syracuse University.

Jean-Marie Pascal Mobile Engineer, Alfresco

Jean Marie Pascal has spent the last 5 years developing, promoting and teaching open source Enterprise Content Management technology. He was one of the first Alfresco contributors of the month and has created several tutorials and blog posts about Alfresco, Search and Maven integration. In 2010 he started the development of CMIS and Alfresco applications for Android, both of which are available on the Android Market, suffice to say Jean Marie is a big fan of Alfresco and Android! Since earlier 2012, he's an official Android engineer inside the Alfresco Mobile team and works on Alfresco Android mobile SDK and applications.

Jim MacInnes Director of Technology, Appnovation

Jim MacInnes is a seasoned technologist with 15 years of senior level experience in the software industry. He previously served as Chief Architect at Yesmail (leading Email Marketing company), where he was responsible for all software architecture and development; during which time both Forrester and Jupiter Research ranked the technology second in the industry for two years running. After that he served as General Manager at M4 Internet (parent: j2Global – NASDAQ:JCOM), a full service Email Marketing company specializing in third party advertising. Jim has worked with some of the most highly recognizable names on the Fortune 500 to help them design, build and manage their online marketing and customer relationship programs; including Time/Warner, NBC Universal, Hewlett Packard, Visa and American Express to name a few. He has spoken at numerous International conferences on matters related to Online Marketing and Data Analysis. Jim has a BA in Communication and Philosophy from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Canada.

Joerg Sauer Head of IT Application Development, Allianz Life Indonesia

Jörg Sauer is heading the Software Development Department of Allianz Life Indonesia. In this role he is driving the change towards modernizing the application architecture and landscape. Allianz in Indonesia recently started implementing the first BPM projects using Activiti respectively Camunda Fox as its core BPM technology integrating it into its core applications. Activiti is a strategic pilar in the overal system architecture. Prior to his engagement with Allianz Jörg was working as a freelance project manager, consultant, developer and trainer for more than 17 years in various domains. Specializing on DMS in 2005 he focused on Alfresco starting back in 2007 and became a certified Alfresco trainer in 2009.

Joram Barrez Activiti Co-Founder, Alfresco

Joram Barrez is a senior software engineer at Alfresco and co-founder of the Activiti project. Before Alfresco, Joram was employed by JBoss, Red Hat as jBPM core developer. As such, Joram has a wealth of experience and expertise in anything BPM and workflow related. Besides Activiti, he is currently heavily interested and involved in iOS development and how to bring workflow onto the mobile world.

Kevin Dorr Senior Solutions Engineer, Alfresco

Kevin Dorr is a Solution Engineer for Alfresco, with over 10 years of experience in the content management arena. Kevin supports the Alfresco partner channel by creating examples of code that developers can leverage to create new customizations.

Kyle Adams Support Team Lead, Alfresco

Kyle Adams is the Support Team Lead for the Americas region where he helps support Alfresco's customer base. He brings to the table 5+ years of ECM experience working for partners, customers, and vendors. His ECM product knowlege includes hands-on experience with large-scale IBM FileNet, Hyland OnBase, Microsoft SharePoint implementations, and recently Alfresco. Specific to ECM and Content Analytics, he has designed and implemented solutions leveraging IBM FileNet and IBM Content Analytics.

Luis Sala Director of Technology Alliances, Alfresco

Luis Sala is Alfresco's Director of Technology Alliances. In this capacity he works with Alfresco's most valued technology partners as well as educating the Alfresco community to the capabilities and benefits of Alfresco's technology. Luis has been at Alfresco since 2006 and was responsible for establishing Alfresco's US-based technical account management team. Luis's previous experience includes being Chief Solutions Architect at Epicentric® which was acquired by Vignette® where he served as Principal Sales Engineer. Most recently, Luis was the Business Development SE at Systinet® (now Mercury™) and VP of Alliances at Strobe (now a part of Facebook). Luis has a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Theater from Allegheny College in Meadville, PA and is a regular speaker at open source and content management events.

Martin Bergljung Principal ECM Architect, Ixxus

Martin Bergljung is a Principal ECM Architect at Ixxus: global systems integrator, Alfresco Platinum Partner and member of the Alfresco Million $ Club. He has been working on Alfresco solutions for the past 5 years, and implemented an email management module for Alfresco called OpsMailmanager, which involved integrating Apache James Email Server and Apache Java Caching System with Alfresco. Martin has written a book about Alfresco called Alfresco 3 Business Solutions, and is also a frequent blogger about Alfresco and Solr. His blog is published at At DevCon 2011 he presented a session about customising the Upload File(s) dialog in Alfresco Share.

Mehdi Belmekki Technical Consultant, Alfresco

Mehdi Belmekki joined Alfresco this year as EMEA Technical Consultant, after more than 4 years working with Alfresco’s partners all over the world. During these years, Mehdi spent most of the time developing applications built on the top of Alfresco Stack. This experience helped him to understand end users needs and build strong knowledge around Alfresco’s APIs to make customer’s wishes become true. Known as Share and Audit expert, Mehdi was always involved in all projects related to these topics, before and after joining Alfresco’s Firm. As a community Guru he was awarded for his achievements as “Community Contributor for September 2008”.

Michael McCarthy President, Tribloom

Michael McCarthy, president of Tribloom Inc., has been working with Alfresco since 2008. Michael supports the Alfresco community through blogging, user groups, and creating Alfresco Add+ons. Michael's experience with Alfresco includes Web Quick Start, Share customizations, and repository customizations. He enjoys working on artificial intelligence and graphics projects. Outside of work Michael enjoys surfing, hiking, and strategy games. Tribloom has been working with Alfresco on AWS since our second Alfresco implementation. At least 75% of Tribloom's clients run Alfresco on AWS EC2 instances. Tribloom also hosts Alfresco on AWS for some clients. Michael wants to help spread the knowledge and tools to easily produce enterprise Alfresco AWS deployments.

Michael Muller Director of Engineering, Zia Consulting

Michael Muller is the Director of Engineering at Zia Consulting. He has nearly 25 years of professional software development experience, the last five of which have been spent specializing in content management at Zia. Michael is the original author of Zia's Fresh Docs iPhone application, which Zia used as the basis for Alfresco's mobile solution. Michael is also a co-author of "Intelligent Document Capture with Ephesoft".

Mike Vertal President and CEO, Rivet Logic

Mike Vertal is President and CEO of Rivet Logic Corporation, and has over 20 years of operational and executive leadership experience in the IT sector -- including over 6 years of active participation in the Alfresco community. Before starting Rivet Logic, Mike served in a variety of executive and development roles in software and services companies. Mike holds BS and MS degrees in engineering from Case Western Reserve University, and an MBA from The Wharton School.

Nathan McMinn Technical Consultant, Alfresco

Nathan McMinn is a Technical Consultant with Alfresco Software and works with customers throughout the US implementing, configuring and extending Alfresco. A technology-agnostic, Nathan develops primarily in Java, Python, PHP and JavaScript. He is also an open-source evangelist, blogger and contributor to several projects, including the alfresco-pdf-toolkit project. He has over 10 years of experience as a developer / engineer for a wide variety of companies including ad agencies, large-scale manufacturers and technology startups.

Neil McErlean Senior Engineer, Alfresco

Neil has been at Alfresco since version 3.2 (four years) and currently leads the Platform & Integrations team. He has worked in various parts of the repo-tier product, including on content transformers & extractors, ratings, renditions and actions. Recently he led the development of Hybrid Sync & contributed to the development of Alfresco in the Cloud. Prior to Alfresco he worked for IBM and Ericsson. He has a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Queen's University Belfast.

Peter Monks Director of Product Management, Ecosystem, Alfresco

Peter has worked for Alfresco since 2007, initially in a consulting capacity and more recently as Product Manager for Ecosystem. This role comprises two primary areas of product responsibility: integrations (such as Google Docs, Jive, Kofax, XAM and others) and the developer platform (which includes all of the APIs, SDKs and tools developers use to build Alfresco extensions).

Peter Schmidt Mobile Engineer, Alfresco

Many moons ago Peter started off his career in physics research (medical/particle) - but eventually made the step into software engineering some 15+ years ago. His experience covers a range of different technologies and industries, including multimedia (Sony, Sibelius), telecoms (Nokia) and medical imaging/health (National Health Service, UK). Before joining Alfresco he published his own iOS/Android apps. Peter joined Alfresco as senior iOS engineer in 2012 and has been working on the iOS Alfresco SDK since.

Philippe Dubois Support Engineer, Alfresco

Philippe has been an Alfresco employee for more than 5 years. During those years he has successfully fulfilled various functions: Consulting, Training, TAM, Development. Philippe has an in-depth knowledge of the core product and has assisted more than 200 clients during those years he worked at Alfresco.

Ray Gauss, II DAM Architect, Alfresco

Ray has been contributing popular extensions to Alfresco like the Thumbnails and IPTC projects since 2006. Now he's with Alfresco as DAM Architect, bringing features around rich media to the product.

Ray Wijangco Alfresco Practice Lead, Technology Services Group

Ray Wijangco has spent the last 17 years implementing ECM solutions on various platforms including Alfresco, Documentum, FileNET, Interwoven and IBM. Ray has worked extensively in the financial services, insurance, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries. ECM solutions have included large scale imaging and workflow applications, web content management publishing applications, extranet and intranet portals, search tools, taxonomy development, and numerous document management applications. Ray is currently the Alfresco practice lead at Technology Services Group (TSG), educating customers on the value of utilizing open source technologies within their enterprise environment. TSG has been an Alfresco partner since 2006 and has augmented the Alfresco platform with various open source offerings, including content migration tools, scanning solutions, and alternative document management interfaces. Technology Services Group is based in downtown Chicago and has been assisting clients in implementing ECM solutions since 1996. TSG’s extensive experience and understanding of ECM technologies continues to provide our customers with the capabilities to deploy solutions using standard “out of the box” interfaces to custom applications based on specific customer needs.

Richard Esplin Community Technology, Alfresco

My tags include systems administrator, developer, Linux geek, free software advocate, and IT consultant. I am currently having fun maintaining the Alfresco Add-ons directory and seeing the great contributions that help out so many Alfresco community members.

Richard McKnight Principle Technical Consultant, Alfresco

Richard is a subject matter expert in Enterprise and Web Content management. He has worked with a number of Content Management products including Alfresco, Drupal, Documentum and Interwoven Teamsite. Richard has worked on PHP toolkits for the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard, including contributing to the Drupal Project. In addition to his content management experience, Richard draws on over 25 years of technology experience in a number of different disciplines including enterprise content management, web site development, equity trading systems development and computer aided engineering and telecommunications. Richard began his professional career and Bell Laboratories and then spent a number of years working in the Technology divisions of Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, Commerzbank and J. P. Morgan. He has also worked on and led a number of web application projects for small businesses, non-profits and educational institutions.

Roeland Hofkens CTO, Westernacher

Roeland Hofkens is the CTO of Westernacher Products and Services, an Alfresco Platinum Partner based in Stuttgart, Germany. Roeland has more than 12 years of experience in Enterprise Content Management. He has implemented large ECM projects with a variety of products for customers like Microsoft, KLM - AirFrance and SAP. His first Alfresco projects dates back to Alfresco v.1.1! Roeland's main interests include Enterprise Open Source solutions, Agile Development, DevOps and mobile ECM applications.

Romain Guinot Solution Engineer, Alfresco

Romain GUINOT, Solution Engineer at Alfresco since '09. Diagnosing performance problems is a keen interest of mine, and have successfully helped many customers in the past few years.

Roy Wetherall Founding Engineer & Records Management Lead, Alfresco

Roy Wetherall is a founding engineer at Alfresco and the Records Management lead. With over a decade of experience in the ECM market and the first DOD 5015.2 certification of an open source product under his belt, Roy now focuses his efforts on expanding the fuctional range of the Alfresco Records Management Module making it accessable to a global market. Roy lives in Sydney, enjoys brewing beer and has BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Brisol.

Russ Danner Practice Director, Web Experience Management, Rivet Logic

Russ Danner is the Practice Director for Web Experience Management at Rivet Logic. Russ brings over 15 years of industry experience in the areas of Web and enterprise content management, social collaboration, and mobile applications to his client engagements. Since joining Rivet Logic in 2008, Russ has led numerous Alfresco implementation projects for enterprises that span a wide range of vertical markets. In addition, Russ has been active in the open source Alfresco community since 2005 as a community leader, contributor, trainer, speaker and user group organizer. Russ is also an active member of the OASIS WEMI Committee.

Ryan McVeigh Vice President of ECM Solutions, Zia

Ryan is the Manager of the ECM practice of Zia Consulting, Alfresco's 2011 Partner of the Year. Ryan has been working in ECM since 1999, is a Secretary and Editor of the CMIS Technical Committee at OASIS for Zia (and also was for Oracle and BEA systems).

Simone Brunozzi Technology Evangelist, Amazon Web Services

Simone Brunozzi is a truly passionate technologist. After being an entrepreneur, a professor, a CTO, and after writing two technical books and two novels, he joined in March 2008 in the role of Amazon Web Services Technology Evangelist for Europe (EMEA), to raise awareness about Cloud Computing and help developers build applications. In January 2010 he relocated to Singapore, becoming the first AWS Technology Evangelist for the APAC region. In 2010 he received the “2010 Cloud Evangelist of the Year” award. In July 2012, Simone relocated to San Francisco, where he maintains the same role, Technology Evangelist, focusing on events, companies and startups in California, mainly in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Since 2008, Simone has been a very popular speaker in Europe, United States, Asia, Oceania and Africa, speaking at more than 470 events (and collecting a huge amount of airline miles). Simone is regularly invited as a speaker to conferences all around the world. For inquiries, feel free to contact him.

Steve Glover Senior Software Engineer, Alfresco

Steve has worked at Alfresco since 2010 as a server-side engineer in the repository team. Recently, he has been working on engineering the Public Alfresco API, which recently launched.

Steven O'Kennedy Technical Project Lead, Irish Revenue

Steven O'Kennedy was the Technical Project Lead on the Tax & Duty Manuals project. He has managed and delivered a number of complex projects on Alfresco 3.2 & 3.4

Toni de la Fuente Senior Solutions Engineer, Alfresco

Toni de la Fuente is "Senior Solutions Engineer for Iberia" in Alfresco Software. He has been developing projects around Alfresco for 5 years and he joined at Alfresco in 2010. He was one of the Alfresco technology experts from the start of projects in Spain in 2006 and he was one of the first official Alfresco trainers for Spain and Latin America. He has worked in over 30 projects with this technology. In his career highlight their more 13 years experience in Systems Administration, Networking and Security. Other major companies in which liability has played tasks are: Telefonica Moviles Spain (Movistar), Vodafone, among others. He also teaches LPI Linux certification, Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and ITIL v3. Declared Open Source enthusiast, having founded phpRADmin open source project in 2006. He has participated in other open source related projects such as Madrid Wireless, Linux Fedora or OpenSolaris Hispano and referenced in books on network security. He teaches regularly lectures, courses and conferences in different events in Spain and Latin America. Also contributing to the world of Open Source for more than 10 years with his blog and through Twitter (@ToniBlyx).

Will Abson Integrations Engineer, Alfresco

Will has worked with Alfresco since 2005 and has been hacking at Share since its original launch in 2008. After three years helping customers and partners to get the most out of Alfresco and Share as a platform for their solutions, Will is now working within the Engineering team on a number of upcoming integrations between Alfresco and other content and social systems. He is founder of and project lead on the Share Extras project, which currently has over 30 Share add-ons available at