Rivet Logic is an award-winning consulting and systems integration firm that helps enterprises better engage with customers, improve collaboration and streamline business operations. Through a full suite of solutions for content management, collaboration and community, Rivet Logic enables organizations to fully leverage the power of industry-leading open source software. With deep expertise in Alfresco, Liferay, Apache Solr, and Sproutcore, Rivet Logic crafts content-rich solutions that power multi-channel Web properties, enterprise collaboration, and social communities.

At Rivet Logic, all of our professionals have extensive experience developing, deploying and supporting enterprise solutions. Our team has successfully delivered IT solutions to a wide range of industries, and to companies and organizations both large and small. In everything we do, we focus on adding value to our clients' businesses and organizational goals. We take pride in our extensive technical expertise, and we understand that it is only of value when we deliver bottom-line results.
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