Are you an experienced Alfresco developer interested in contributing some time and skill towards an Alfresco-related open source project? DevCon is a perfect opportunity. An Alfresco Hack-a-Thon will be running in parallel with the optional training day in both cities. We will start at 8:00 and end at 5:00. Lunch will be provided.

TribloomThe Hack-a-Thon is a day-long coding fest sponsored by Tribloom. The day will start with the Hack-a-Thon Master explaining the various projects available, including the goals for each of those projects for the day. Participants will then divide into teams, assign responsibilities, and begin hacking. The goal is to have releasable code by the end of the day for each project.

To be clear, the Hack-a-Thon is a not a replacement for training. You'll most likely walk away having learned something new, but what that thing is will depend entirely on the project and your role on the team. If you need to learn Alfresco, Training will be a better fit for you.

The specific projects we will be working on in San Jose will depend on how many people participate and what the participants are interested in working on. You can see some initial ideas as well as tools you should install before you show up in Nathan McMinn's recent blog post.

Space is limited and will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis with preference given to people who sign-up ahead of time.

The Hack-a-Thons in Berlin and San Jose were a rousing success. We'll post links to the output of both Hack-a-Thons soon!