Alfresco & Maven: A Happy Ending or Just the Beginning? (REPEAT)

Starts: 15 Nov 9.40 am.
Ends: 15 Nov 10.30 am.

This is a repeat of the same session Gab gave on Day 1.

Support for developing Alfresco Maven based extensions and development processes has been always historically provided by an ad hoc community effort, the Maven Alfresco Lifecycle. Now Alfresco has finally officially embraced Maven as a supported technology to build applications on and the open source effort evolved into a fully fledged Maven Alfresco SDK. In the first part of the session we will discuss the various different aspects at Alfresco Maven powered development like:

  • availability of Community and Enterprise snapshots / releases on the Alfresco Artifacts Repository, (and TBC on Maven Central)
  • the new version of the Maven Alfresco SDK and it's great functionalities
  • implications of Alfresco's build moving to Maven

The second part of the session is a practical introduction to supported Alfresco development with Maven and will bring you through the different phases of a typical Alfresco Enterprise project lifecycle, providing demos and showing how the Maven SDK can enable a seamless integration of Alfresco development in your Enterprise as well as offer a simple yet powerful jump start--a zero effort framework for technical evaluators.