Axel Faust

Software Architect / Manager @ Acosix GmbH

I started to work with Alfresco in 2010 and have mostly been working full time on/with it since then. Though my main focus is on software development and architecture, a large part of my work also includes general consulting, use case specific training/education, system operations and support. From 2010 until 2016 I worked for an Alfresco Partner and thus primarily the Enterprise Edition, though I would use Community Edition for most of my engagement in community-oriented collaborations and my own open source projects.

Session: Patch Handling for ACS & APS

Community members and customers will typically have to deal with some sort of patching of Alfresco products to deliver their projects / add-ons. Applying the right patch pattern is key to avoid incompatibilities with other solutions, upgrade or maintenance blockers. This talk will show proven patterns.

Lightning Talk: Important work-arounds for making A.S.S multi-lingual