Boriss Mejias

PostgreSQL Consultant and Trainer @ 2ndQuadrant

I’m a holistic system software engineer, free software activist, and headbanger. I’m a board member and co-founder of the Order of the Bee, an organization of the Alfresco Community, where we have the goal to guarantee a free and open content management system.

Session: PostreSQL Holds the Rhythm of Alfresco Platform

When the drummer is out of tempo, the whole band collapses. When the database does not behave well, the whole Alfresco platform suffers and the users will notice it. In this talk we will see how to keep your PostgreSQL database fit, keeping the tempo, grooving and holding the platform rhythm.

Day 2 – Thursday – 13:30-14:00 – Kilsyth

Lightning Talk: Drums, Guitars, Bass – How the Alfresco Community Relates to Music

Day 1 – Wednesday – 11:00-11:45 – Pentland

Lightning Talk: The Alfresco Community and the Transit of Venus

Day 1 – Wednesday – 14:15-14:45 – Pentland