Brian Remmington

Chief Architect @ Alfresco

Brian has been Chief Architect at Alfresco since March 2017. He joined Alfresco in 2009 as WCM Architect and became VP Engineering in 2012. Now, as Alfresco’s Chief Architect, he has overarching responsibility for the design of Alfresco’s Digital Business Platform. He has been leading teams of software engineers to design and deliver innovative content management solutions since 1997. Prior to joining Alfresco, Brian was Chief Architect at UK-based WCM vendor Mediasurface, where he was responsible for the design and development of the Morello CMS, described by Gartner as “a work of art” in 2005. He lives 40 miles west of London with his wife and four children.

Session:┬áThe Evolution of Alfresco’s Digital Business Platform

Would you like to learn how Alfresco is planning on evolving the architecture of its Digital Business Platform to take full advantage of its unique blend of Process, Content, and Governance in the world of Cloud, Containers, and Microservices? This is the talk for you.