David Caruana

Architect Content Services @ Alfresco

David is an Alfresco founding engineer and System Architect for Alfresco’s Content Services. He’s been in content management for longer than he can remember, although he does recall involvement in OASIS technical committees and authoring the book Professional Alfresco. He now enjoys applying cloud and distributed technologies to today’s content management problems and relaxing in the past world of classic car and vintage toy restoration.

Session: Transforming Your Content Processing with Akka

Akka is an open source toolkit for distributed & resilient message-based services. You’ll learn about Alfresco’s research on building autonomous content transformers with Akka, Docker & Kubernetes and how this can lead to a new world of cloud scalable and decentralised content processing pipelines.

Lightning Talk: Hack Your Creativity

Is there a secret to being creative? In this talk, we’ll explore the essence of creativity and how it drives innovation. Discover some hacks for potentially improving your creativity and how we can take advantage of our greatest asset – our community.