David Miller

Architect @ Armedia LLC

Software developer and technical lead focused on successful delivery of software to make our client’s lives easier. If a tool or process doesn’t help us deliver quality software on time, it has to go! Tools, processes, and people support successful delivery – don’t let them be obstacles, and never hide behind them.

To see what I am working on and thinking about now (or recently, anyway) read my blog, https://devbeatitude.com. Thanks!

Session:  Bidirectional Sync to Other Platforms (w. James Bailey)

Alfresco is often part of a larger system of systems. See how Alfresco’s audit module and REST APIs enable seamless integration in the larger ecosystem – from audit events to records management to process integration. Give your customers the best of all worlds – a consistent view across all tools.

Day 2 – Thursday – 14:15-14:45 – Tinto