David Webster

Team Lead & UX Lead @ Exari

Now an ex-Alfrescan, I spent over 8 years as an Alfresco Engineer, initially building the UIs and later as technical lead for Share and architect for Governance Services. I now lead an engineering team at Exari and am responsible for the UX of our products. Exari are an OEM partner who are building AI driven Contract Lifecycle Management solutions on top of the Alfresco DBP.

Session: A Path from Share to ADF

Many of us have built UIs on top of Alfresco Share, but in order to maximize the benefits of using Alfresco’s DBP, we now need to be using ADF instead. Let me show you how to minimize the disruption to your customers, users and engineering teams as you make that switch.

Day 1 – Wednesday – 15:00-15:30 – Moorfoot