Francesco Corti

Product Evangelist @ Alfresco

Product Manager at Alfresco, and before Product Evangelist, I’m one of the public figures representing the famous Open Source Content and Process Platform into the developer eco-system of Customers, Partners and enthusiasts. In addition to helping developers to adopt Alfresco technologies, I usually help Alfresco to improve the developer experience through talks, articles, blogging, user demonstrations, recorded demonstrations, or the creation of sample projects. Since October 2018 I’m involved in the definition of roadmaps, user stories at different levels, and I work with the development teams to implement solutions and products accordingly to customer needs.

Session: Alfresco Identity Services in Action, Welcome Common Authentication across the Alfresco Stack

One core concept of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform is the Identity Service implementing a common layer of identity management for Content, Process and enabled on ADF applications. In this talk I would like to introduce Keycloak and show how to use the Identity Service in practical use cases.

Day 2 – Thursday – 14:15-14:45 – Kilsyth

Session: The Rise of ADF (w. Mario Romano)

In the last 2 years we worked hard to create the ADF framework. ADF 3.0 is around the corner and a lot has changed, such as support for Activiti Cloud, APS 2.X and new applications are provided by Alfresco which are built using ADF.
Day 2 – Thursday – 10:45-11:30 – Tinto
Lightning Talk: What is the Alfresco Heartbeat?
Day 1 – Wednesday – 11:00-11:45 – Pentland