Gavin Cornwell

Founding Engineer and Software Architect @ Alfresco

Gavin is a Founding Engineer at Alfresco and currently a member of the Platform Services team who are tasked with creating common services required by the Digital Business Platform. Being one of the founding engineers Gavin has been involved with many areas of the Alfresco solution and spent several years at the helm of the Content Services, Cloud and Mobile teams.

Gavin has been a technical leader and software engineer for over 20 years, spending a majority of that in the Enterprise Content Management industry.

He also has a keen interest in Cloud Computing and holds Associate Solutions Architect and Associate Developer AWS certifications.

Session: 5 Ways to use AWS with Alfresco 

Learn how to leverage AWS with Alfresco. We will look at current and future methods for deploying onto AWS, how you can use serverless and AI technologies to power your next generation extensions and how we’re using AWS internally to manage online trials and improve user experience.