Igor Dianov

CTO @ IntroPro Ventures Inc.

Igor Dianov is a CTO and co-founder of IntroPro Ventures Inc located in Vancouver, Canada. He leads technology innovations in the BPM automation space for software solutions in the domain of Project Management Automation (www.introproventures.com). Before co-founding IntroPro Ventures, Igor worked on enterprise software development for financial, telecommunication, content management, process management and content distribution in companies such as Sberbank (Russia) , Telegroup (US), and PressReader (Canada). He has 25+ years of experience building large-scale enterprise applications with focus on scalable software architecture and integrations leveraging open source software. Igor Dianov graduated with MS in Electrical Engineering from National Technical University of Ukraine with specialization in Computer Systems for Experimental Research and Integrated Testing. In his leisure time, Igor is dedicated to sailing and racing windsurfers in Vancouver, BC and Oregon, US.

Session: The Power of GraphQL in Activiti Query API

Introducing new Activiti GraphQL Query API with expressive schema and type-safe query criteria expressions to provide flexible, fast and declarative data queries for process driven client applications.