Jan Vonka

Architect, Integrations @ Alfresco

Jan Vonka has many years’ experience as architect, senior developer, technical lead and dev manager.  Jan has been a member of Alfresco’s dev team for over 10 years, designing & building enterprise repository infrastructure, platform and cloud services that support a variety of use-cases; including Collaboration, Content, Records & Case Management. He has recently worked to extend and improve the Alfresco Platform APIs.  In his new role as Architect for Integrations he works, closely with partners and customers, to deliver deeply integrated Alfresco services across multiple applications and systems.  Jan has a First-Class BSc / MEng (Hons) in Software Engineering from Imperial College.

Session: Integrating Alfresco at Scale 

Alfresco provides a rich set of options for integrating third-party systems with services across the Digital Business Platform. We will deep-dive into the architecture of the new Alfresco Integration Services framework – a set of event-driven micro-services that can be easily deployed & scaled.