Jeff Potts

President @ Metaversant Group, Inc.

Jeff Potts is the founder of Metaversant, a content management consultancy based in Dallas, Texas. Jeff has spent more than 20 years implementing solutions around content management, document management, workflow and search for clients like NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Turner Broadcasting, Activision, Sony Pictures, Southwest Airlines, PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, BMC Software, BNSF Railway, and others. He’s written two ECM-related books, the most recent of which was CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action (Manning, 2013) which he co-authored with Florian Mueller and Jay Brown. Jeff runs a popular blog called ECM Architect and is a committer on the Apache Chemistry project. When he’s not delivering projects Jeff enjoys travel, sailing, and spending time with his family.


Speaker Sessions

Session: Moving from Actions & Behaviors to Microservices For years we've been running custom logic in the same process as Alfresco by writing custom actions and behaviors. Those still work great, but it often makes sense to move custom logic to microservices that respond to events generated by Alfresco. This talk gives you a simple recipe for doing that. Day 1 - Wednesday - 16:00-16:45 - Kilsyth