Luis Colorado

Alfresco Software Engineer @ Zia Consulting

Luis Colorado has a couple decades of experience developing, architecting, and supporting Information Technologies. He has worked with Alfresco for 7 years, first as an Advanced Support Engineer at the Alfresco Americas Team, and since 2017 with Zia Consulting, one of the most prominent Alfresco Partners in the world. He can be found at any time troubleshooting problems, developing, learning new stuff, and teaching technology to her 9-year old daughter.

Session: Performance Tools of the Trade

This presentation is for Alfresco administrators that are seeing their servers slowing down, leading to an unbearable experience, and sometimes server crashes.

In most cases, there is no need to spend thousands on tools that may not help. There are many ways to tackle those pesky performance problems. Some tools are great, and others fall short. Some can make things worse. What to do? We’ll arm the administrator with the tools to solve those performance problems and monitor your system to keep it running at top speed.

Day 1 – Wednesday – 11:00-11:45 – Tinto