Mario Romano

Director of Engineering @ Alfresco

Mario is the Director of Engineering in Alfresco but he is still really much involved with the coding. Before Alfresco, Mario accumulated nearly 8 years of experience in developing software for large organisations, and in particular in developing microservices architecture. He’s been coding since he was 10 years old. Mario is currently based in London, but grew up in Naples the city where the pizza was invented (not New York or Chicago), and also the city where has played the best football player of all the time (Maradona ). Mario likes to plays the piano when is not busy writing code, reading code or thinking about code.

Session: ADF Basics & Beyond

If you want to know everything about ADF its architecture, technologies and best practices you can’t skip this talk. Join us also to know more about what we released in November as part of ADF 2.0 and what is our vision for the future.

Session: Unified Javascript API

In Alfresco we are conscious that one size doesn’t fit all and some developer will not adopt our Angular components, for this reason we created the Alfresco JavaScript Api. Let’s see together how to use it to leverage NodeJs applications and frontend app based on non Angular frameworks.