Marius Grunenberg

Software Engineer @ it-novum GmbH

Marius is a Software-Engineer working for it-novum GmbH in Fulda, Germany.
Having experiences in various Frontend Technologies his main focus is the development of custom solutions using the Alfresco App Development Framework (ADF).

Session: Take Control! Custom Stencils in ADF

One helpful feature of Alfresco Process Services (APS) is the implementation of Custom Form Stencils which allows you to enhance user task forms with custom form fields. Basically, you write your own form field templates using AngularJS and HTML, which get rendered inside your form. When creating an ADF frontend for APS, it is not possible to directly integrate your Custom Stencils, which are written in AngularJS. However, you can write your own Angular 2+ components with TypeScript and reference them in your forms. Based on experience creating ADF frontends for APS and migrating Custom Stencils, I will show you live examples how to create and integrate your own components and which possibilities you have. We will also cover pitfalls and how to overcome them.

Lightning Talk: An ADF Rendezvous with ReactJS (Sorry Angular!)