Miguel Sanchez

ECM & BPM Architect @ Independent Consultant

I’m a Solutions Architect that enjoys technology and business strategy. With more than twelve years in the IT industry, I’ve worked and lived in four countries, leading diverse multicultural teams both onsite and offshore. I’ve been designing and implementing ECM and BPM solutions for large organizations from a wide range of industries, including health-care, retail, telecommunications, banking, entertainment, and the public sector. Since 2017, as a new passion and challenge, I’ve been engaged with blockchain technologies and GDPR, holding the CIPP/E certification.

Session: Develop Fast, Deploy Faster – Discover APS Low-Code Advantages and Reduce your Development Lifecycle

Find out the advantage of APS scripting using its graphical interface and how that reduces your development lifecycle. We’ll show how to achieve that on different real scenarios and talk about the pros and cons of this approach versus the more traditional JAR file deployment.