Nathan McMinn

Senior Director of Strategic Services @ Alfresco

Individually, I make things and solve problems. As a seasoned technical leader, I lead teams that make things and solve problems. Big fan of the marriage of content and process, big data, IoT, automation, digital transformation and helping software eat the world.

Session: APS & the IoT

By some projections, there will be 20+ billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020. That makes it one of the most exciting growth areas in technology, and one that has a central role for process management. 20+ billion devices means many of the processes you interact with daily will be just as likely to start with, end with, or otherwise involve an IoT device as it will a person. Alfresco Process Services is a perfect fit for this device driven world. When combined with AWS, it is simple to stand up an IoT platform that interacts with the process engine and will scale to the level that a successful IoT project demands. In this talk we’ll start with an overview of AWS IoT and open source hardware platforms, then move into how to get AWS IoT and Alfresco Process Services working together using AWS Lambda. We’ll end with an implementation and demo of a simple use case.