Srikant Varadarajan

Senior Fellow @ Pitney Bowes

Srikant Varadarajan is a Senior Fellow and Architect at Pitney Bowes. Srikant is one of the key members of the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud Team. As part of the Commerce Cloud initiative, he is responsible for the API Management technical strategy and Enterprise Business Systems architecture.

Under his technical leadership, Pitney Bowes has transformed how business capabilities are delivered, to clients and internal consumers via the Commerce Cloud.

Over the past 17 years at Pitney Bowes, Srikant has designed and architected several products in areas such as shipping, e-commerce, digital document delivery, APIs, and enterprise business systems.

Srikant is also a member of the Pitney Bowes Architecture Review Board.

Session: Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud: Tales from the Frontline

How a 95+ year old business transformed to become a global technology leader in the connected and borderless world of commerce?

Did this journey involve:
a) a technology exercise
b) changing of culture
c) lots of employee training
d) All of the above

Attend this session to find out!