Tarik Makota

Solutions Architect @ Amazon Web Services

Tarik Makota is a solutions architect with the Amazon Web Services Partner Network. He provides technical guidance, design advice and thought leadership to AWS’ most strategic software partners. His career includes work in software development and architecture roles across various industries such as financial printing, benefit delivery and administration and financial services. He holds an M.S. in Software Development and Management from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Session: Alfresco on AWS Cloud

The flexible compute, storage, and database services that AWS offers make it an ideal platform for Alfresco Content Services. We will walk thru an enterprise-grade Alfresco Content Services configuration on AWS Cloud that you can adapt to virtually any scenario, and scale up, down, or out, depending on your use case. Topics that will be covered: walk thru virtual private cloud (VPC) configured across Availability Zones,  Elastic Load Balancing integrated with Auto Scaling, for load balancing across the Alfresco Content Services servers,  IAM role with fine-grained permissions to manage access to AWS services, and security groups to restrict access to only necessary protocols and ports, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for shared file storage for the cluster and Amazon Aurora which is part of Amazon Relational Database System (Amazon RDS) deployed in multiple Availability Zones