Vijay Prince

Principal Consultant @ Zia Consulting

Principal Consultant, Zia Consulting

Session: Alfresco Bulk Export Tool

I will explain how I have extended the Bulk Export Tool and demonstrate how to use the tool for large scale Alfresco to Alfresco migrations. Things I will be demonstrating include:

* The new UI for triggering and monitoring exports

* Perform incremental migrations by using the modified date

* Add/update aspects and properties to the export so that migrated documents can be identified/tracked

* Pause/resume capability that can be useful for large exports

More details on the tool can be found at

Speaker Sessions

Alfresco Bulk Export Tool

At my company, we perform a lot of migration projects, including migrating between instances/versions of Alfresco. Fortunately, Alfresco has multiple options to import data into the system. One of the most frequently used tools for Bulk Import was created by Peter Monks. Denys Santos created a Bulk Export tool to facilitate exporting a folder hierarchy from an Alfresco instance in the format that is used by Peter's Bulk Import tool.

Time: 14:15  Duration: 30mins  Day: 1  Location:  Room 2